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Amicus Attorney

Imagine having every bit of information about a file properly organized and attached to your file with no filing effort. Every phone or email message, every document, appointment, todo and time entry available at the push of a button. Or being able to instantly summon up all files on which a person is associated. Amicus Attorney gives you all of this and much more.

Not even the most organized paper file system can come close to the degree of comfort of having all of your information at your fingertips. Unlike other "Personal Information Managers" such as Outlook or Act, Amicus is structured around the "File" which is the way lawyers work. Designed by lawyers for lawyers - it sets Amicus apart.

This product needs to be seen to be truly understood. Call us for a demo and we'll show you how to get a whole lot of peace of mind about your practice and show you how the system will actually pay for itself in the first year!