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Document Assembly

Document Assembly is the process of putting variable data together with static text to produce the documents that we use over and over. It is the computer equivalent of putting a form in a typewriter and filling in the blanks.

We use the industry leading Hotdocs and combine it with the power of Wordperfect and Word to deliver leading edge document production efficiency. Templates are created which incorporate both general information about your company or firm and file specific details about the client, etc. As you move through the chronological flow of your file, new documents created which use the information previously entered. In some cases, the final documents for the file are created with no new user input.

Templates are laborious and time consuming to create, which means that creating a template set (or library, as they are know) can be expensive. Recognizing that most smaller firms cannot absorb this type of expense, we have created standard sets of document templates for practice areas in our jurisdiction. By incorporating existing practice standards set by the Bar Society and other leading practice groups, we are able to supply documents which will suit the majority of practices in the Province. (...see out list of standard libraries)

Often firms like to put their unique stamp on their documents, and we often are retained to either craft documents from scratch, or extend our existing sets to accommodate the requested changes.