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I've seen your templates and they aren't what we use.

We've developed our templates to meet the best practices in the profession.  We've also tried to match the style of practice of the majority of practitioners in our jurisdiction.  That doesn't mean that there aren't other ways to get the same process done.

Our templates are an attempt to get you the savings that you want without costing you more than you will spend.  We are looking to provide a true bargain.  If you find that you can't adapt your practice to our templates, we can modify the templates to your needs.  We will, however, encourage you to really examine your current procedures to see if there is really a substantive difference.  You might find that you can live with a new way of doing things.  Or we may find that what you are doing is a great improvement that we (with your permission, of course) would like to include in our set - in which case you get the improvements included at no additional charge!